Merrie entered the wonderful world of children’s literature with the heart warming story of a bear, the kind of “lovey” that every child has, who is owned first by a little boy and then gets put into a box as the boy grows up. What happens next is every bear’s – and child’s – fear and hope. Paperback, ebook and coloring book versions of Baby Bear Comes Back are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other online and retail outlets near you.
Merrie brings her decades of writing experience for a wide variety of publications to create stories that inspire children to read and enlist parents, grandparents and others to read with them.

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Baby Bear Comes Back

Did you ever have a lovey?
Baby Bear Comes Back is a delightful and timeless story of a boy and baby bear. They go on many adventures together but then boy grows up and Baby Bear gets put in a box. But lo and hold, life and love continue and Baby Bear Comes Back. Find out why Baby Bear Comes Back. Learn who he finds to love and goes on new adventures with in this next phase of his journey. 

Baby Bear Comes Back Companion Coloring Book

Children will enjoy coloring their own Boy, Baby Bear and Girl pictures in this expanded companion coloring book.

Baby Bear Comes Back:
A Tale of Jealousy, Envy...and Finally Friendship

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Poems Include:

There was an ant who could not scamper
There was a bee thank you who could not buzz
There was a raccoon that liked to steal
There one a stinkbug who could not stink
There was a zebra whose stripes were blurred

A delightful read! It’s the kind of story you’d read to a young child, and then that child would read on their own when older. It reminded me of "The Velveteen Rabbit" where the rabbit is so loved he’s “real”. I think Baby Bear must be very close to “real”. Anyone who has had a “real” friend will enjoy Baby Bear Comes Back.

Marti Meppen

Baby Bear Comes Back is a sweet, heartwarming story that both adults and children will enjoy reading. I look forward to learning about the next chapter in Baby Bear’s journey . In the words of my 7 year old son “It’s a 10 out of 10!”

Hailey Clark

The story is timeless, and the overall experience of Baby Bear encompasses the love and comfort that only familiar childhood favorites can give. As someone who still has her dear “Beary-Bear,” this tale resonates and will win over families everywhere. 

David Turner

Baby Bear Comes Back is an intergenerational story that reminds me of "I'll love you forever" meets "the Velveteen Rabbit". It's a charming story of a bear that comforts multiple generations through life's transitions and tough moments

Marathoner Meagan

Available in paperback, ebook and soon to come audio!

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