July 20, 2023

Welcome to my new newsletter

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Thank you so much for signing up to get these updates. My goal each week is to share something that you can enjoy with the children in your life and to answer any questions you might have about engaging with your children while reading and growing their intellectual, emotional and communication skills. I really want this to be a dialogue where you share your questions, concerns, issues and your child or children’s achievements.

I also will share about new books, events and opportunities. My publisher (Liz Lawless/Adriel Publishing) and I are creating a process for helping parents help their children grow their vocabulary, creative and critical thinking, comprehension, and memory skills. To that end, we are creating book series that will include:

Coloring Books,

Comic Books, and

Children’s Books

The first is a series about a Baby Bear. The Baby Bear Comes Back Series helps young readers progress and equips adults reading with them to participate and interact – while having fun! Children start with the Coloring Book (simple concepts and sentences), then the Comic Book (more images and words), then Children’s Books (more words with discussion questions) for higher level concepts and reading.

I hope you will ask your questions in the comments below and I will try to respond during the month. Or, if you have an urgent question you can always email me at mspaeth2016@gmail.com.

All my books will be available at my website: AuthorMerrieSpaeth.com, at online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple, as well as local chain or independent bookstores and other retail outlets near you.

If you haven’t subscribed through the website, please click on the button below so you don’t miss any of my stories, updates, book releases, events and opportunities to meet in person.

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Again … thank you for your interest in helping children to learn and enhance their reading and other skills.

Let me hear from you, Merrie

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